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Benoit First Nation - Penwaaq Línuík

Population: Apr 19, 2015 - 785

Members between 0 and 18 Ė (Children) Ė 65

Members between 19 and over Ė (Adult) Ė 895


  • Piccadilly - Samkook
  • West Bay - Walnamkiaq
  • Tea Cove - Tepot Kwesawe' Kewei
  • Lourdes (Clam Bank Cove) - E'sukatijk Walne'k
  • Black Duck Brook - Apji'jkmujk Sipu'ji'j
  • Three Rock Cove - Ne'sapskek Walne'k
  • Mainland - Elmi-Wtaomuíkewei
  • Red Island (Munegooskek)
  • Round Pond (Mpiisqa'lpe'k)
  • Cape St. George (Kwesowaak)
  • Benoit First Nation - Penwaaq Línuík
  • De Grau - Pitewey Walne'k
  • Little Mesh (Menisgotjg)
  • Little Pond (Upkudaskooch)
  • Red Brook (Weibooktoojech)
  • Luc's Point (Marches Point) - Luksek Kwesane'k
  • Loretto (Oalopec)
  • Green Head
  • Big Cove (Meski'k Walney)
  • Sheaves Cove (Waqam'tgug)
  • Lower Cove (Metoqwiwsit Walney)
  • Ship Cove (Sip Kop)


Pjila'si (welcome), in 1972 under the local leadership of Saqamaw Adolph Benoit of Marches Point with the Cape St. George/Port au Port Indian Band; the Port au Port Peninsula was part of the revival of the Lnu'k/Miíkmaq of St. Georgeís Bay. The local representative included Adolph Benoit, Josephine Simon, Lavern Felix, Geraldine Jesso, Sylvester Benoit and Edna Benoit (Secretary). With the disbanding of the Bay St. George Regional Indian Band in the early 1980ís Ė this signaled, for the community, the beginning of a long period of local silence that was only reawakened several years later. The Benoit First Nation was born out of this necessity to provide local representation to its people.


McAlpine's Directory of 1894 Ė 1898 of the area lists occupants with the surnames of Deman (Damois), Jesso, Tourout, Simon, Benoit, Young, Lainey, Carter, Paria (Porrier), Renouf, and Chesson.


Penwaaq Línuík translates as Benoit First Nation and is based on the Port au Port Peninsula, west of Abraham's Cove NL. The band office is located in De Grau; incorporated in 2005 the Band Council is elected every four years. The Traditional Chief is appointed by the Elders Advisory Council and is cultural advisor and spokesperson. The Band has democratic elections and operates by majority rule and consensus, with traditional procedures used as much as possible.


Another mandate of the band is to reach out to other communities and organizations in an atmosphere of peace, friendship, and cooperation. The band will also work on a regional level with the other bands in the spirit of unity and cooperation.


Nation name significance

The name Benoit in the band title was chosen as a tribute to Francois Benoit and Anne LíOfficial, Lnu'k/Miíkmaq ancestors of band members. Other historic Lnu'k/Miíkmaq family names associated with the Band include Young, Jesso, Marche. Laisne, and others.


Qalipu/ FNI Connection

Membership is made up of those of documented Lnu'k/Miíkmaq ancestry and based on criteria originally set forth by the Federation of Newfoundland Indians. While not officially associated with the Qalipu Mi'kmaq 1st Nation many of our native council members are status Indians under the Qalipu.


Elders Advisory Council

It should be noted that in the band that elders have special status as advisors, general members are welcomed as observers at Band Council meetings, members are encouraged to bring new ideas to the band council, General Assemblies take place (annually), elections and referendums are conducted by secret ballot, and there is a focus on cultural and language revival. It is with this passion that the band embraces the idea of a regional Pow-wow and was an active member of the organizing committee in 2006.


Community Reserve

The Band is developing a private communal farm and nature park. You can visit the reserve website at bfn_2006community_reserve.html

Benoit clan Flag and it's meaning

Our Flag Signifies:

Eagle - Kitpu (pronounced Git-pu)- sacred to our people for it's power and its connection to the creator

Eagle feather - - The symbol of great honour and respect

Red- the fire of our conviction and the sacred colour

Sun- the life force of our sun and the power of the creator

Yellow - one of the four sacred colours

Arrow heads - the four directions and the importance of moving forward in all directions.



Band Photos


Band Contacts

Barbra Benoit (CEO-Vice Chief) Phone: (709) 272-2118
Myra Benoit(Secretary) Phone: (709) 644-2240
Conrad Benoit (Treasurer) Phone: (709) 757-9444
Phyllis Young (Elder Council) Phone: (709) 272-2008
Lee kerfont (Womens Council) Phone: (709) 757-9444
Stephen Benoit (Public Works) Phone: (709) 644-2577
Tracy Jesso (Youth) Phone: (709) 757-9444
George Benoit (Heritage Park & Farm) Phone: (709) 757-9444
Saqamaw Jesn Benwah (Cultural Advisor) Phone (709) 757-9444

Benoit First Nation Website: