Mi'kmaw Heritage Park & Farm

Below are pictures from the private land used as a Mi'kmaq Heritage Park. The reserve is maintained by member George Benoit of Degrau, NL.

The private reserve has a brook, pond and beautiful rolling hills. The reserve is accessed in Degrau by Benoits Road.

Community reserve/park pictures from the Benoit First Nation.

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Benoit 1st Nation Regalia at Pow wows:

Traditional clothing as well as dance regalia is deeply significant for the wearer and maker. Each Clan has different animals of significance, such as the Eagle or Kitpu for the Benoit Clan.

To keep our traditions alive, clothing makers adorn traditional clothing with hand-drawn animal images and specifically the Eagle, traditional patterns, and / or traditional Mi'kmaq pictographs.

However designs and symbols also portrayed each dancer's personal spirit/ soul. So each person has a significant symbol or symbols that is connected to them and their spiritual name as given to them by an Elder.

Many female participants wear beautiful shawls whose spirituality help the dancers to keep in touch with their Mi'kmaq roots.

Community reserve/park pictures from the Benoit First Nation.

Pictures courtesy of member Harold Rouzes, George Benoit and Chief Jasen Benwah.


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