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Our Beothuk Connections


Yellow dots are all of the known precontact archaeology sites on the island. The Beothuk sites are red dots


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Our connections

Many of our Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq ancestors came from around Pitu'pa'q (Bras d'Or lakes) in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, recently and since time immortal. Our ancestors always had a peaceful and friendly relationship with our Beothuk neighbours.

The Mi'kmaq in Western Newfoundland shared the land with our Beothuk brothers and sisters since time immortal. Our oral history tells us that there was friendship, intermarrying, mingling of the peoples and a great mutual respect for each other. It is true that the Beothuk retreated inland, up the Exploits river with the arrival of the European settlers who deprived them of their coastal food sources. The apathetic settlers soon spread their plagues across the land. These factors led to the demise of the culture and language of the Beothuk people. Beothuck descendants however are still scattered through the Atlantic region and beyond. people.

Sagamaw Jasen Benwah

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