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Be kind and stay safe

Social Distancing of 2 meters is required inside our Reserve facilities. Do not shake hands. If you are sick or showing flu-like symptoms you must not enter our facilities, please stay home. Please follow the posted rules. Please use hand sanitizers when entering and before exiting our buildings. It is the new normal.

Disclaimer: Although we are supportive of regional cooperation, involvement, interaction, communication, sharing, and partnerships Benoit First Nation is a totally independant regional Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq Reserve.

Our Mandate:

Penwaaq L’nu’k is a revival of the original Port au Port Indian Band from the 1970s in Cape St George under a new name and to fill this void in our hearts and in our community and contiues to provide Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq regional and local programming and activities in Culture, language, traditions and much, much more.

We are working to build our communities and educate our children exposing them to our true history.

We are also working to help with Elder support as well as food security for vulnerable households.

"Kluskap and the great Creator teaches us to stay humble. Let them give you the wisdom of the ages and guide you on the path of respect and humility."

Saqmaw Jes'n Penwa

We are a L’nui’suti Regional Cultural and Language Reserve. Our focus is Lnu'k cultural programming for our people. We are an independant Mi'kmaq band council.

Kwe', Penwaaq L’nu’k - Benoit First Nation. A Lnu'k/Mi'kmaw community that is working together to build its language, culture and traditions. Connecting the Elders and the Youth.

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