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Annual Membership Donations
in Penwa Mawi-Amskwesewey L'nue'kati

Annual donations payable each October and how to pay:

  1. All members can pay annual fees online or by mailing it or dropping off to our Band Office.
  2. For all new membership of all ages, please submit our on-line Application Form, or print, scan and email this application with their annual fee. Please fill in all sections applicable. Parents will be resposibile for all child membership matters (under the age of 19). If you cannot send the attachments throught the web application, please email to or
  3. Annual membership fees/donations of $20.00 per adult over 19 years of age is required and very much appreciated:
  4. Annual membership fees/donations of $5.00 per child under 19 years of age and younger is required and very much appreciated:
  5. Ways to donate as follows:

    1. Email transfer to and use membership as the password

    2. Donate by Paypal.

    3. Cheques or money orders are also accepted, payable to Benoit First Nation. Please refrain from sending cash through Canada Post.

    All monies received will be used for cultural programing and activities.

    The annual due is required every October from all members.

  6. Donate by Credit Card
  7. Members are responsible for updating their email, mailing address, telephone numbers, and/ or name changes with the band, when such changes occur.
  8. We look forward to receiving your annual donation. Your annual donation is your commitment to the ongoing success of our band and your support of our cultural programming. It is very much needed and very much appreciated. It can take up to four weeks to process your annual donation and send your receipt. Our mailing addressis 811 Oceanview Drive, Cape St. George, NL. A0N 1T1. Welai'lin.
  9. All donations and fees are non-refundable. To file a Grievance or Complaint with our Band Council click here.

  10. Benoit 1st Nation maintains one native council register, (Basic lists here).and remember there are 3 tabs at the bottom of the lists.

  11. To see an example of one type of our band cards. Click here.

  12. Check out our Band Page on Facebook at Benoit 1st Nation Community Page for regular updates. Send us a freind request. Only Band members can be friends of this Facebook profile. Membership has its privileges.
  13. Check us out on Facebook at Mi'kmaw Centre Public Page for regular updates.

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