Mary Phyllis Young Food Bank

Assisting Food Security issues for our Indigenous communities

Serving the Loop: Cape St George, Degrau, Red Brook, Marches Point, Sheaves Cove, Lower Cove, Ship Cove, Abraham's Cove, Piccadilly, West Bay, Lourdes, Winterhouses, Black Duck Brook, Three Rock Cove, and Mainland.

Hours of Operation: Fridays 9am to noon

Location: Our food bank is currently located on the bottom floor of the West side of the Benoit First Nation building in the Women's Resource Centre. (Stephen's Lane) Parking is availabe there, upfront or adjacent to the centre.

What is a food bank

A food bank is a non-profit organization that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger. It is designed to provide short-term emergency support.

Can anyone use a Food Bank

Yes, of course! Food Banks are for anyone struggling to access food to feed themselves or their family. If you qualify, you can return in 8 weeks.

Vulnerable Household supports:

Required documentation:

To qualify members of your household each -must not exceed the $14, 398.00 annual income.

Food hamper registration forms are only available at the food band and will be filled out when you arrive to register

One hamper per household, as per standard food band practices.

For those who do not need food and have food to donate can do so by dropping items off at our Mi'kmaw Centre Front Porch. Likewise we are accepting cash donations. Also including EMT ot PayPal at

Go Fund Me Fundraiser

CBC- New food bank on Port au Port Peninsula caters to 50 families on opening day

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