St George's Bay Mi'kmaq


Remember --- Anything online is a secondary source, and should be varified by original research

The intended purpose of this site is to:

  1. try and to promote our ancestrial heritage
  2. to try and provide all available information on the local Mi'k maq, past and present
  3. to try and report all news and events important to the Mi'kmaq people regardless of political affiliation
  4. to provide unbiased and uncomprimised facts and articles of interest (lol)- or at least try to.

It is NOT my intention to:

  1. create the news,
  2. put down any band or insult anyone personally,
  3. to hurt the cause of the Mi'kmaq and it's goals.

It IS my intention to:

  1. do my part to support the advancement of the Mi'kmaq,
  2. share in the news and information 'out there'.
  3. promote the Mi'kmaq movement overall.
  4. educate the fact that there is a strong Mi'kmaq population in the Bay St. George area.

This site was created January 27, 2002 and is my tribute to our ancestors. If you would like me to link to a relevant site or if you have relevant data that you would like me to post up on the site, please email me. Likewise, anyone who objects to be linked from this site or whose material appears on this site and wants it removed should email me and I will correct the situation immediately.

Many thanks go out to the following people whom have contributed directly or indirectly with the assembly of my family tree and website information:

Gerry Benoit, Jeff Benoit, Phil Jeddore, Bert Alexander, Evelyn Campbell, Gary Gallant, Lavern Cormier, Gary Benoit, Brian Kerfont, Louis Benoit, Allan Stride, Stephen White, Frank Russel, Edna and Sylvester Benoit. Other family and relatives. Also to anyone I forgot to mention.

Use of this site and information herein is strickly restricted to personal use only.

I welcome any input, suggestions, criticisms, etc, just drop me an email.

If you see an error, email me and provide the correction

Jasen Sylvester Benwah, Webmaster

A.K.A. : Thunder Cloud

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