Harbour Authority of Cape St. George Strategic Plan

November 2002

Four Year Proposed Development Plan


The Harbour Authority of Cape St. George was formed and incorporated in 1999. The mandate of the authority is to manage the harbour facilities at De Grau. The Authority was formed in response to the federal governments plans to have harbour facilities managed by local fisherpersons. In addition to securing improvements to the harbour infrastructure the committee is responsible for establishing user fees, collecting same and ensuring all expenses are paid. An arrangement with local fisherpersons and local fish buyers have been organized to have harbour fees automatically paid from point of fish sales (the fish buyers). This ensures the long term viability of the harbour authority. To date the harbour authority has been fiscally responsible. The following individuals serve as volunteers on the harbour authority:



Leon Simon


George Young


Jasen Benwah

Member at large

Bernard Benoit

Member at large

Harold Rouzes

Member at large

Octave Benoit

Town Representative

Ted Rouzes

The following strategic plan represents the efforts of the harbour authority's strategic planning session which was facilitated by the local department of Industry, Trade & Rural Development.


  1. To maintain existing harbour infrastructure
  2. To expand existing harbour infrastructure to meet current harbour standards and fisherpersons expectations
  3. To operate existing harbour infrastructure in a self sufficient manner.


  1. To upgrade and renovate existing wharf infrastructure to meet current DFO standards
  2. To provide improved access to harbour facility.
  3. To replace East Breakwater and enlarge harbour entrance.
  4. To expand infrastructure to provide additional services to fisherpersons.
  5. To establish and maintain user fee structure in order to enhance long term financial viability of the Harbour Authority of Cape St. George.
Activity by Priority Potential Funding Sources
Development Plan Year One
Repair existing wharf (walkway & road improvements)SCH, HACSG,LMDA
Install new wharf laddersSCH, HACSG
Repair winch house HACSG

Activity by Priority Potential Funding Sources
Development Plan Year Two
Commence Phase I of Eastern BreakwaterSCH
Dredging of HarbourSCH
Install water system on wharfHACSG,SCH
Concrete platform for oil tankHACSG
Install cold roomHACSG, KF
Install electrical hook-up on wharfSCH

Activity by Priority Potential Funding Sources
Development Plan Year Three
Expand Building & accommodate washrooms, showers, laundry matSCH, HACSG, LMDA, DFO, DFA
Construct wheelchair ramp to buildingSCH, HACSG

Activity by Priority Potential Funding Sources
Development Plan Year Four
Construction of multi purpose gear storage building (60 x 24 x 8) SCH, HACSG, LMDA
Complete landscaping around harbour facility (parking area, clean-up, etc.)HACSG
Develop interpretation board on fish speciesHACSG, LMDA
SCH - Small Craft Harbours
HACSG - Harbour Authority of Cape St. George
DFO - Department of Fisheries & Oceans
DFA - Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture
KF - Kendall's Fisheries
LMDA - Labour Market Development Agreement

Many thanks go out to the NL Provincial Dept. of Industry and Trade Rep. Mark Felix for his work in developing this plan

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