Initiative: De Garu Harbour Sector: Tourism & Rural Development


Currently, renovations and upgrading are proceeding on the existing wharf at the DeGrau Harbour. The CapeSt.George Harbour Authority has put in place a development plan that includes tourism initiatives. There is potential for infrastructure development related to the cod moratorium. De Grau is centrally located within the municipality of Cape St. George. As a result, tourism related development here is strategically located to access existing and proposed tourism initiatives (ie. interpretation center at the Cape).


Integrate RDEE's tourism initiatives into the Harbour Authority Development Plan

Access to a boat for fishing tours, scenic tours and access to Red Island

Train guides to interpret the area

Identify surrounding trails to allow access to other points of interest in the community

Encourage entrepreneurs to utilize the site to its maximum (ie: kayaking tours, beach boil ups for groups, etc.)

Creation of an activity directly related to the fishery


De Grau Harbour will become the "hub" for all aquatic activities on the southwestern side of the peninsula.

The history of the peoples are of great interest to tourists.


An inventory will be conducted of the deliverables included in the Cape St.George Harbour Authority Development Plan. RDEE tourism initiatives will be integrated into this plan. Boat tour operators will be identified and trained, and potential tours will be identified by theme. Demonstrations related to the fishery will be developed.


This initiative will include the beginning of trail development from Cape St. George to pare Boute du Cap. Visitors to De Grau will be provided with access to boat tours and other services and activities such as trained guides and traditional cook ups. Facilities for fishers will be integrated into the development. This project will encourage new tourism investment and provide economic benefits to businesses and services in nearby communities including tour operators, rental agencies, restaurants and accommodations.