National Indigenous Peoples Day

Come and celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day, June 21st, with the Mi'kmaq of the Benoit First Nation. Day long activities including traditional drumming and other traditional activities and feast.

Feast, craft display, and giveaway included as well as much, much more...

Bay St George Annual Traditional POW WOW

Second Weekends in July of each year
Flat Bay, NL

Come see and partake in chanting and drumming, sacred ceremonies, traditional foods and aboriginal arts and crafts.

Admission free, daily feast provided.

Saqamaw Jasen Benwah (Jes'n Penwa)


I have been Chief of this region since 2004 and I am very proud to represent and to work on behalf of our people and of our community. In promoting Mi'kmaq traditions, language, culture and various programming, I proudly work with our band council, community elders, our youth and all those who support our goals and needs as a community, including the provincial, fedeal governments, agencies, organizations and other band councils.