Nujioqoniik (Bay St. George) Mi'kmaq Flag

Flag discription:

Wapk (White) - Denotes the purity of Creation

Mekwk (Red) - the strong blood-lines of our ancestors

Wiskipk (grey) - the continuing struggle of our people to maintain culture and identity

Mekwk Klujjewey (Red Cross) - Represents mankind and infinity (four directions)

Nkset (Sun) - Forces of the day

Tepkunaset (Moon) - Forces of the night

Segi'gn (the sails) - bring to mind Mi'kmaq, who since ancient times, crossed the gulf to Newfoundland

This union of the Mi'kmaq people and the French language was inspired by Thunder Cloud

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Pjila'si, St. George's Bay Mi'kmaq is Thunder Cloud's tribute to the heritage and ancestry of the Nujio'qoniik region of Ktaqamk. Please tell everyone about my site.

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