New Mi'kmaq signage for the Port au Port Gravels

We believed as did many that Mi'kmaq signage was needed at the entrance to the Port au Port Peninsula on Newfoundland's west coast. We discussed it with all the stakeholdes involved. The result was that we received permission and support to erect the sign from Arco/Redee, PAPEDA, The Gravels Dev. Committee, and the Port au Port East Indian Band. The sign was made by Michael Woods with the pressure-treated wood donated by the Harbour Authority of Cape St. George and installed on Saturday, May 28, 2005 by Chief Benwah.

The sign which means welcome from the Mi'kmaq, is very symbolic to our people and is designed to bring awareness to the strong Mi'kmaq presence on the Peninsula regardless of band affiliation. Having the sign attached to the Francophone sign shows the traditional bond that exists between the French and Mi'kmaq that we will build on as we move forward in friendship and cooperation into the future. More symbolic was the presence of our Traditional Saqamaw Misel Joe on his historic first visit to the local Mi'kmaq of the Port au Port Peninsula.

Pictured in the group photo are:

Our Traditional Saqamaw Misel Joe, Conrad Benoit, , Gravels Committee Chair Danny McCann, Jasen Benwah, Evelyn Campbell, PAPEDA Rep Margaret Gaudon, and Regina Benoit and daughter Darlene.

The original photo-op was supposed to take place on Tuesday May 31, 2005 but due to Saqamaw Joe's changing schedule (he has to leave early on May 31) we had to move it up to 12:30 on Monday, May 30. We appologize for any inconvience this may have caused those who wished to have been present. Wela'lin to those who attended.


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