Place Name Changes for St. George's District

Current NameMi'kmaq or Previous Names
Cape Ray Area
Big BrookLong Grade
Grand Rivercommon name for many places, including South Branch
Little RiverTompkins
Little RiverSt. Andrew's
Long GradeIncluded with Red Rocks
Net Cove (near Millwille)Abandoned, date unknown
The BlockIncorporated into town of Searston
The GutSearston
Woody Head CoveWoodville, Woody Head
Wreck HouseMcDougall Gulch / Siding
St. George's Bay / Nujio'qoniik
St. Theresa's Bank Head
Bear CoveCrabbes East
Crabbes EastJeffery Crossing
Crabbes (West)St. David
Crabbes StationSt. Fintan's
Fischells Fishers Brook
Flat Bay BrookFlat Bay
Flat Bay EastFlat Bay
Flat Bay WestFlat Bay
Jeffrey CrossingJefferys
Journois Cove of St.TheresaStephenville & St. George's
Little BaySt. George's
Mattis Point Matt's Point
Middle BarachoisMcKays
Middle BrookMcKays
Flat BayMuddy Hole
Rattling BrookHeatherton
Robinson's Robinson's Head
Sandy Pointabandoned
Stephenville Crossing The Gut
StephenvilleIndian Head (previously known as La Savage
St. George'sNujio'qon
Second Barachois RiverMcKays
Second BarriswayRobinson Head
South BarriswaySt. David's
South SideSt. George's
First BarriswaySt. David's
Port au Port Peninsula / Payun Aqq Payunji'j
Long PointNewktipukwi'tek
Aguathuna CoveJack of Clubs
AguathunaWhite Rock
Bellmans CovePort au Port West
White HillsWapeyk Piim'tiin
Cape St. GeorgeKwesowaak - end of the land
Boute Du CapKwesawe'k
Garden HillEspaqamik Ka'taqn
DegrauPitewey Walne'kDegras meaning: A long stay
Little PondUpkudaskooch
Little Marsh "Mesh"Menisgotjg - little marshy place
Big Marsh "Mesh"Weskituapitk - Big Marsh
Lourdes E'sukatijk Walne'k - Clam Bank Cove
Long PointNewktipukwi'Tek
Fox IslandWli Minlkuk
Felix CovePort au Port West
Jerry's Nose Fiots Cove
Ship Cove SipKo'p
Harry's BrookIncorporated with West Bay
Loretto Oalopec - in the valley
MainlandElmi-Wtaoamu'kewei Mainland
Round PondMpiisqa"Lpe'- deep pond
Lower CoveCajje-Boogwek - water flowing through a wilderness
Sheaves Cove Waqam'tgug - where water flows cleanCharlie Sheaves Cove
Big Cove Meski'k Walney
Lead Cove 
Red Island Munegooskek - little islandL'isle Rouge
Red Brook Weibooktoojech - little red riverRouges (incorporated into Cape St. George)
Marche's Point Luksek Kwesane'k
Marche's PointPoint A Luc (today incorporated into Cape St. George)
Port au Port EastBerry Head
Pine Treein Port au Port East
Shoal PointKespemenegk - end of an island
Black Duck Brook Apji'jkmujk Sipu'ji'j
Black Duck Brook Shoal Cove
The GravelsPort au Port
Salmon CovePlamuei Walne'k
Tommy Toucherknown as Tommy Touche Road
Three Rock CoveNe'sapskek Walne'kTrois Cailloux
Victor's BrookIncorporated into West Bay Centre
West Bay Walnamkiaq
Tea CoveTepot Kwesawe' Kewei
Bay of Islands / Elmastukwek
Benoit's CoveBaken Cove, Batteau Cove, Clarkes Brook, Hawke's Cove
Blow Me DownGallant Cove, Madore Cove Broom's Bottom & York Harbour
Bottle Cove 
Cook's BrookAllen's Cove, Ballantine Cove, Brook's, Cove, Chile's Point, Petrie Valley, Pleasant Cove, Shoal Point
Corner Brook 
Cox's Cove 
CurlingBirchy Cove, Deep Cove, Sprucy Point
Frenchman's CoveLong Cove
Goose Arm 
Guernsey IslandWeeball / Weebol
Halfway Point 
Hughes Brook 
Humber Arm 
Johns Beach 
Lark Harbour 
Massey Drive 
MeadowsBarber's Cove, Brake's Point, Middle Arm
Mount Moriah 
North Arm 
Pearl IslandBig Island
PetriesPetries Point
Serpentine River 
SummersideChristopher's Cove, McCarthyville, Petipas Cove, Quilty's Cove
Thibault CoveWood's Island
Tweed Island 
Wild Cove 
Woods IslandsInnismara and Wood's Isle. Harbour
York Harbour 
Eagle IslandGreen Island

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