St. Georges Bay Mi'kmaq

Words of Wisdom

The Golden Rules of Mi'kmaq Civilization

  1. Treat others the way you would have them treat you
  2. Gossip is evil chatter, do not partake in it
  3. If you have nothing good to say about someone, then say nothing at all
  4. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer
  5. Be a GOOD SAMARITAN everyday
  6. Do no bad deeds, for if you do they will come back at you with 5 times the strenght
  7. What goes around, comes around
  8. A selfish person gains no ground
  9. The creator helps those who help themselves
  10. Human life is more valuable than all earthly possessions
  11. vulgarity shows lack of character
  12. Treat Mother Earth and all that interact with her with respect
  13. Inner beauty is real
  14. Do not be materialistic, keep only the possions you need
  15. Let your ego not get bigger than your head

The 10 evils people should avoid

  1. Smoking, smoking around children, smoking in automobiles and homes
  2. worshiping money
  3. gambling
  4. consuming alcohol
  5. using foul language
  6. disrespecting parents
  7. being materialistic
  8. being jealous
  9. littering Mother Earth
  10. disrespecting our people

Top Ten Driving "pet peeves"

  1. Drivers not stopping at crosswalks, cars parked across crosswalks, including school crosswalks,
  2. Drivers not obeying rules of the road, including not using turn signals,
  3. Drivers who decide on the spot to change the rules of the road,
  4. Drivers who drive too slow, or too fast,
  5. Drivers who will steal your parking place, before you get a chance to park,
  6. Drivers who park next to the road at night and leave their headlamps on - which blinds oncoming traffic,
  7. Drivers who don't know which lane to stop in at a traffic light,
  8. Drivers who splash pedestrians in times of heavy rain,
  9. Drivers who don't know who has the right-of-way,
  10. Drivers who don't know how to drive.

What not to do:

  1. Do not drink cola, or drink rarely as possible. It is a recipe for diabetes.
  2. Unless you live a very active and physical lifestyle, do not eat egg yolks, or eat as little as possible. It is far too rich for the modern adult.
  3. Do not eat too much beef or pork products, instead stick to more fish supplimented with wild meat.
  4. Do not eat any food that is greasy to the touch.
  5. Do not anything that contains oils that are hydronated.
  6. Do not drink tap water, or do so rarely. The toxins used to kill organisms are no better for you.
  7. Do not eat any food that is too sweet, and avoid too much sugar in your diet.
  8. Do not apply salt to foods, as salt is already in the foods you eat.
  9. Do not eat often at fast food places because the menu is usually unhealthy.
  10. Do not use regular banks, choose a local credit union instead- you will be supporting your community.
  11. Do not base your impressions, opinions and decisions solely by the impressions, opinions and decisions of others.

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