Penwaaq L nu k

Port au Port Indian Band

Pjila'si. Mi'kmaq of the Southwest Port au Port Peninsula, Newfoundland, came together to create a grassroots Mi'kmaq Community organization in the 1970's.

  1. Federation of Newfoundland & Labrador Indians 1978

  2. Federation of Newfoundland & Labrador Indians 1978 Conference

  3. Notice of Cape St George Indian Band Meeting

Active Band Council members in Cape St George, NL.:

Saqamaw Adolph Benoit

Secretary Edna May Benoit

Councilor Josephine Benoit Simon

Councilor Lavern Felix

Councilor Arsene Felix

Councilor Geraldine Jesso

Councilor Sylvester Benoit

In 1972 under the local leadership of Chief Adolph Benoit, our community (Port au Port Indian Band) was part of the Bay St. George Regional Indian Band Council and the Native Association of Newfoundland that included the Conne River group, Innu and Innuit of Labrador. A year after that groups went their separate ways. Their regional council included Josephine Simon, Laverne Felix, Geraldine Jesso, Sylvester and Edna Benoit, who at one point was Secretary. She is mother of our present Chief Jasen Benwah and remained an Elder in our band until her passing into the spirit world on August 14, 2018.

Elder Edna May Benoit obituary

Benoit First Nation is respectfully named after regional ancestor Francois Benoit who married Anne L'Official


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