Benoit First Nation Park and Farm - Penwaaq L'nu'k Parkemuow aq Ika'taqn

Below are pictures from our Mi'kmaq Heritage Park and Farm by Benoit First Nation. The reserve is monitored by member George Benoit of Degrau, NL who is our caretaker.

The park has a brook, pond and beautiful rolling hills. The park is accessed in Degrau by Benoit's Road.

Community reserve/park/Farm pictures from the Benoit First Nation.

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This land is sacred to our families:

The Park and Farm was used by our ancestors to live off the land,

The area has beautiful scenery and one came see the power of Mother Earth in all hers plendor.

The whole area has walking trails.

The Mi'kmaq do not own the land, the land owns the Mi'kmaq.

Community farm/park pictures from the Benoit First Nation.

Pictures courtesy of member Harold Rouzes, George Benoit and Jasen Benwah.


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