Benoit First Nation Cooperation and Partnerships

We are Mother Earth protectors and we are OF the land, we are family to the fish, animals, water, sky, earth, insects and all that exists on our sacred ground. We hold this sacred relationship above all others. As we move forward, we must not forsake this truth of our existence.

Having said this, we can still welcome partnerships, cooperation and agreements, where we are first to require:

The duty to consult and, where appropriate, accommodate Indigenous peoples, requires that federal and provincial governments have a dialogue with Indigenous groups about contemplated government actions or decisions that might have a negative impact on Aboriginal and treaty rights. The goal is to listen to the views and concerns of affected Indigenous groups and, where necessary and possible, modify the action or decision to avoid unlawful infringement of those rights.

Our rights are protected by the Canadian Constitution, Section 35 (1) The existing aboriginal and treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada are hereby recognized and affirmed. (2) In this Act, aboriginal peoples of Canada includes the Indian, Inuit and Métis peoples of Canada.

Inherent rights are distinct and separate from the rights of non-First Nation people and are protected under Section 25 of the Canadian Charter of Human Rights.

We believe our Agreements align with Canada’s commitments to upholding the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This allows Benoit First Nation and our partners to continue moving forward in a way that promotes the spirit and intent of Truth and Reconciliation.

Kepmite'tmnej (Honour Song) Kepmite'tmnej ta'n teli-l'nuulti'kw (Let us greatly respect our Nativeness) Nikma'jtut mawita'nej (My people let us gather) Kepmite'tmnej ta'n wetapeksulti'kw (Let us greatly respect our historical roots) Nikma'jtut apoqnmatultinej (My people, let us help one another) Apoqnmatultinej ta'n Kisu'lkw (Let us help one another according to the Creator's) Tel-ika'luksi'kw ula wskitqamu'k (intention for putting us on this planet ) Eia hei yo Weio hei hai ya {repeat} Ta ho (we're done)

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