Penwaaq L nu k

Web Portal of Benoit First Nation regional governance and land.

The Benoit First Nation mandate is one of integrity, respect, honour, selflessness, dedication, humility and through a Truth and Reconciliation lens. We provide Mi'kmaq community services, cultural and traditional programming, infrastructure building, language vitalization, job creation, indigenous history and heritage, elder support, food security for vulnerable households and we do this in a balance with our traditional lands and ecosystem.

Our Traditional Lands


Our Traditional Land

Pjila'si to our Penwaaq L'nu'k Portal.

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We are the Mi'kmaw of Ktaqamkuk.


Seniors Transportation Service

Providing Seniors support where needed.

Seniors Transportation Service

Band Council

We are governed by our Band Council

Band Council

Band Services

Supporting our Mi'kmaq residents.


Mi'kmaw Centre - Kji-Wikuom

Our Mi'kmaw Centre - Kji-Wikuom is the hub of our regional Lnu'k - Mi'kmaw Community.

Mi'kmaw Centre - Kji-Wikuom

Women's Centre

Here is the link to our

Women's Resource Centre

Guardians of the Eastern Door

Ktaqmkuk Mi'kmaq have always had a prominent presence in St. George's Bay (Nujio'qoniik) and on Payun Aqq Payunji'j (the Port au Port Peninsula and since time immortal.).

We are the people of the land

Our ancestors always had great respect for Mother Earth and with every step we take we are on our traditional and sacred lands.

The duty to consult Indigenous peoples

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Culture and Traditions

Mi'kmaw Centre

We are providing regional Mi'kmaw governance, services and programs that will revitalize and maintain our Mi'kmaq heritage, language and culture.

Penwaaq L’nu’k Mawio'mi

Proud History

Since 1972 in Cape St George we have begun the journey to Truth and Reconcilation. Mi'kmaw lived off our sacred lands since long before the arrival of the Europeans. We are of the land. We are one with the forest, one with the water, one with the wind, and one with the animals. We are proud Eagle (Kitpu) clan...

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