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The Benoit Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq Community of K'taqmkuk traces its history back to the Chegau Mi'kmaw family, to Francois Benoit and Anne L'Official, Luc Benoit and brothers and to a number of other Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq families who are the ancestors to most of the Benoit family of Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq in K'taqmkuk. We are proud Benoit (eagle-Kitpu) clan. Some of us are status Indians under the provincial Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation Band.

Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq have always had a prominent presence in St. George's Bay (Nujio'qoniik) and on Payun Aqq Payunji'j (the Port au Port Peninsula) since time immortal. Many of our Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq ancestors came from around Pitu'pa'q (Bras d'Or lakes) in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick with many distant relatives now living on Reserves there. We peacefully co-existed with the Red Ochre people (Beothuk). We also have Beothuk connections through inter-marrying.

As a result of being pencilled out of the 1949 confederation with Canada, as were Labrador indigenous groups, the Lnu'k/M'kmaq were not registered and without official rights, the Indigenous peoples of Newfoundland and Labrador came together to protect their rights and heritage.

On February 2, 1972 a province wide organization called the Native Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (NANL) and representing the Innu, Inuit and Lnu'k/Mi’kmaq was established to seek better collective rights for all three groups.

We are treaty people with ancestors as signatories to the Mi'kmaq Peace and Friendship treaties and they include Benoit (Ratification of 1725 Treaty) and Chegau.


Shortly after that time the Port au Port Indian Band was formed in Cape St George and under the umbrella group of the Federation of Newfoundland and Labrador Indians (previously the NANL), Edna May Benoit was the secretary, band councillors included, Lavern Felix, Sylvester Benoit, Josephine Simon and Geraldine Costard. Adolph Benoit from Marches Point was the Chief. The organization would later become the Federation of Newfoundland Indians (FNI) in 1984 after many of its Inuit and Innu members broke away from the group to form the Labrador Inuit Association and Naskapi Montagnais Innu Association (today the Innu Nation), respectively. Conne River also went their separate way. After Chief Adolph left the Cape St. George Indian Band, the band continued as the Port au Port East Indian Band. The FNI then became available only for exclusive areas and the region west on the Port au port Peninsula was shut out (west of Abrahams Cove) until pressured by Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq activists including Jasen Benwah in 2000 to include them. The FNI did so only after being told to do so by Aboriginal Affairs in 2008 - as was promised to us by Canada that we would be included.

In 2009 many of our families were registered and received our status cards as founding members of the Qalipu First Nation Mi'kmaq Band.

The Benoit First Nation Lnu'k/Mi'kmaw Band formed on September 15, 2005 and recognizes the Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation Saqamaw as our Taqamkuk Chief of the Taqamkukewa'q (Newfoundland Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq) outside of Conne River. However Saqmaw Misel Joe of Conne River remains as our traditional Chief of all of Newfoundland.

Disclaimer: Although we are supportive of regional cooperation, involvement, interaction, communication, sharing, and partnerships Benoit First Nation is a totally independant regional Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq Community.

Our Mandate:

Penwaaq L’nu’k was established to revive the Cape St George Indian Band under a new name and to fill this void in our hearts and in our community and contiues to provide Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq regional and local programming and activities in Culture, language, traditions and much, much more. We provide additional services and programs that the Qalipu Band is unable to provide in its 67 Mi'kmaq communities.

We are working to build our community and educate our children exposing them to our true history.

"Kluskap and the great Creator teaches us to stay humble. Let them give you the wisdom of the ages and guide you on the path of respect and humility."

Saqmaw Jes'n Penwa'

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