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Native fishery flourishes at Cape St. George

Degrau Harbour
located next to a brook called Rouzes Brook, in Newfoundland.

jasen benwah photo
De Grau Harbour

Mission Statement

The Harbour Authority of Cape St. George was formed in 1998 to manage, upgrade, promote the Harbour facilities at De Grau in cooperation with all local stakeholders for the good of the community and all users. In 2008, Sheaves Cove (Hidden Falls beach) was included.

Newly elected Board of Directors. Shown from and left to right: Bernard P. Benoit, Harold Rouzes, Dennis Rowe, Stephen Benoit. Front: Leon Simon, Octave Benoit and Jasen Benwah.

 Small Craft Harbours


 The Fishermen's Broadcast

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